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"EduPod excites me... we need something national that is accessible for primary schools, high schools and evidence-based. Edupod does this."

Clare Erasmus, Head Of Technology & Head of Mental Health & Wellbeing at Brighton Hill Community School

"As a result of using Edupod, pupils are increasingly able to manage their emotions and behaviour as well as ask for help when they need it."

Young People’s Academy, Ofsted 2018

"Pupils feel confident to raise issues that may cause them anxiety and know that adults, including on-site therapists, will respond and support them."

The Skills Hub Ofsted Report, 2018.

"EduPod will give teachers and staff the power to understand what needs to be done in order to implement the correct measures in schools to combat, the mental issues we have."

Gilda Scarfe, Expert in Positive Psychology

"What really excites me about Edupod is that it comes with so much information in one place. It gives guidance and it helps people think about how they're measuring and keeping children safe in school."

Aqualma Mwary, Safeguarding Consultant

"EduPod could benefit any school of any size in any area. Schools are always looking for resources and places where they can find information and examples of what other schools have done in order to improve their own practice."

Claire Cairns, Deputy Head, SENCO & Safeguarding lead

"What's exciting about EduPod is the fact that this accessible platform. People can access whenever they want to and whenever they need to. It's not dependent on somebody coming into your school."

Dr Licett Gus, Education Psychologist, Co-Founder of Emotion Coaching UK

Some of Our Customers

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Edupod Allows People To Evaluate Their Current Mental Health Strategy

Storyteller: Laurie Cornwell, Deputy CEO & Executive Principal

Laurie describes how Edupod can arm schools with an action plan to be specific about mental health goals. And, tells us how Edupod provides the guidance to put those goals into place. 

A Collaborative Approach to Improving Mental Health

Storyteller: Claire Cairns, Deputy Head, SENCO & Safeguarding lead

Claire Cairns gives us an insight into why Edupod can help any school, of any size, in any area.

Claire knows that mental health and well-being is on every school's agenda, but, there isn't one solution that fits all. Using a platform that offers multiple resources means they can pick and choose what works best for them, creating a unique package.  

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