Senior Mental Health Lead Training - Online Self Paced: Beginners & Intermediate Courses

All of our Senior Mental Health Lead Training has been assured for Department for Education (DfE) grant-funding for senior mental health leads. Your school can apply to have this online self paced course fully funded by the DfE. Senior Mental Health Leads can gain expert advice and support on implementing a whole school approach to mental health, supporting both the students and the staff.

Self paced learning with expert support

5 coaching hours
Full Access to EduPod

Online Community Forum

Pricing: £600 (excl VAT)

  • Online Training Accessible 24/7 (approx 7 hours of content)
  • EduPod Access (12 months) 
  • 2 hours of 1:1 coaching 
  • 3 hours of Peer Group Coaching
  • Online community forum
  • Monthly CPD
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Suitable For...

Schools Nationally

Primary Schools + middle deemed primary

Secondary Schools + middle deemed secondary

Special Schools 

Alternative Provision

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