Download the Webinar: The Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health in the Education Sector

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Live Date: Wednesday 22nd April

This webinar focused on understand where we are and how mental health leads can ensure their schools are ready and motivated to creating mentally healthy environments. 

Top Tips From Our Attendees: 

  • Send out a bi-weekly staff questionnaire asking three questions. For example, how are you? What are you challenges? What can we do to help? 
  • Include fun activities during your online staffroom meetings (i.e. quizzes, resources). 
  • Create a podcasting platform where the heads of year, mental health lead and SENCO can send messages. This so students can hear staff voices, the voices of those who are key support. 

Reflections From Our Attendees: 

  • Should staff receive training on how to manage trauma? 
  • How do we support senior leaders mental health? 
  • How do we stop pupils and staff working? People feel that they are working more than before. 
noun_clock_3244697 45 minutes
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Thank you so much for running this session. It’s great to not feel alone in attempting to support the mental wellbeing in schools. Also great to be able to reflect and share ideas.

Attendee - Mental Health lead