Download the Webinar: What is a Whole School Approach?

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Live Date: Wednesday 29th April

This webinar focused on understand what the whole school approach to mental health is and the challenges associated with implementing the approach. 

Top Tips From Our Attendees: 

  • Ensure the vision and strategy is communicated to everyone (parents, staff, students, governors); 
  • Provide training; 
  • Give opportunity for people to influence the strategy; 
  •  Provide data and case studies to demonstrate impact. 

Reflections From Our Attendees: 

  • Governors are not so supportive in implementing approaches that do not have instant results;
  • Not all staff are on board with the approach or committed to signing up to the process; 
  • CPD/training is difficult to attend due to financial constraints. 
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Another excellent webinar with Dr Asha Patel today. What I will take away is 'institutional abuse' and how all students have individual needs and thus important of using different methods to address them. 

Attendee - Mental Health Wellbeing Officer