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Discover EduPod; the platform for mental health leads in schools to strategically plan, manage and evaluate their journey to creating a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.

View My Feed and Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your progress - summary of the self-assessment audit, outstanding actions and recommended resources. Pick up from where you left off.

  • Colour coordinated against the core principles
  • Easily identify the areas you are focusing on
  • User-friendly experience
  • Easy to navigate
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Self-Assessment Audit

A logical and responsive prescriptive self-assessment tool bringing together professional clinical experience, with Public Health England and DfE recommendations.

  • Assess, monitor and track progress and identify core areas to focus on
  • Add notes to compile evidence of how you’ve met the objectives
  • Identify new action plans and celebrate your achievements
  • Complete a standardised self-assessment audit tool

Send Surveys

Capture the whole school voice with a simple click of a button with pre-generated surveys to staff, parents, students and governors.

  • Save time and increase response rates
  • SEN Widget integrated into all surveys
  • Library of relevant surveys for pre-defined audiences and stakeholders
  • SEN & key stage-related surveys
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View the Results of your
Self-Assessment Audit

  • Save time
  • Download PDF report
  • Reduce the risk of human error;
  • Identify the principles where you perform well and areas to focus on
  • See the analysis of all of your data
  • Shows your action plan and focus

200+ Professional Learning Resources

Our resources are prepared, written, recorded and produced by clinical psychologists - the professionals which are often thought to be expensive and out of reach.

  • A library of evidence-based resources
  • Created by otherwise hard-to-reach experts and professionals
  • Includes video, PowerPoint, leaflets, classroom activities
  • Resources to help implement action plans
  • Best practice and recommendations
  • Bite-size CPD
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Report Impact and Improvements to Ofsted

Record key data to present information to Ofsted, governors and senior leaders on the impact of creating a mentally healthy environment.

  • Add and track key statistics
  • Measure the impact on attendance and exclusions
  • Monitor and record key data points to measure improvements

Recommended Action Plans

Action plans are devised by professionals based on your self-assessment audit tool results. Monitor actions, tasks and to-dos in one place.

  • Monitor the progression of your actions by changing the status, assigning dates and writing notes
  • Compile your action plan strategically and monitor progress
  • Share the action plan with the school community through a shareable link
  • Have all of your action plans in one area
  • Assign actions to the team
  • Monitor progress of actions

Online Community Forum

Connect with Mental Health Leads nationally to connect, share and support each other to implement the whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Add and Manage User Permissions

We've worked hard at making EduPod very easy to use. Manage and add new users, control permissions and even help manage passwords.

  • Create additional users to enable key people to access the functions within EduPod
  • Manage User Permissions
  • Restrict access rights by managing who gets editing rights and read-only privileges
  • Users can change their own passwords for security benefits
Compare Reports and Results

Compare Self-Assessment Results with the Survey Responses

  • Identify commonalities and differences between the self-assessment audit and the opinions of the school community
  • Review results with the school communities opinions in mind

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