14 July 2023

Senior Mental Health Leads Training - But What Next?

So, you have completed your Senior Mental Health Leads Training, but what happens next?


The DfE have been funding a lead from every school to undertake their Senior Mental Health Leads (SMHL) training. Feedback suggests that this training is providing the fundamental foundations to support leads in their knowledge and understanding of the whole school approach to mental health.  


But happens next? How do you put this training and knowledge into practice? How can you bring together all that you have learned and really start to embed this across your school?  


One of the best ways to put your training into practice and bring on board the whole school community is to start auditing your school. The importance of this is to enable you to identify what you already have in place and then identify the action plan moving forward.  


What is evident in schools is the acknowledgment that whole school change is needed. However, leaders are concerned about workload and capacity to really push and strive for this strategic change to take place.

EduPod is a combination of clinical expertise and government guidelines. It provides the tools required to undertake a whole school audit, making it a manageable less time-consuming process. EduPod allows leaders to develop their action plan and strategically monitor the impact data and outcomes as they go through their journey.  


The learning resources library hosts a wealth of quality assured content to support leaders to access the best and up to date resources at the click of a button. These resources are downloadable and sharable within the whole school to ensure the wider community can benefit from them too.  


Capturing the whole school voice is a vital part of auditing your school. 
EduPod has built in surveys for the whole school community which leaders can send out with ease. EduPod analyses all of this data for you (so you don’t have to) and presents it in a way which encourages action planning to take place.  


Finally, our exclusive accreditation process is there to help you celebrate your successes along the way, giving you access to our kite marks and accrediting you for your commitment to the whole school approach.  


As well as EduPod, you are also able to build your own bespoke package of wrap around support. This support is provided by our Education Mental Health Experts who will help and guide you every step of the way in your journey. 


As a Senior Mental Health Lead for 8+ years, I have seen the shift within schools. There is a need for better support and processes to enable the leader to make sustainable and strategic changes across the school. 
EduPod really is the answer and is a core tool for every SMHL! 


Don’t just take our word for it! Here is what our current Senior Mental Health Leads have to say about EduPod:  


  • “The simplicity of the systems audit, ready to use surveys and suggested action plans have saved me huge amounts of work and have meant I have done things that I would otherwise not have had time to do” 
  • “EduPod is an incredibly good resource for auditing, action planning and monitoring the impact of the schools action plan.” 

  •  “I like the way EduPod helps to join "everything" up” 



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