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Frequently asked questions about our training


Is there any technical support?
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Yes. You can ask questions about how to use EduPod at any time via a simple Support Ticket system accessible once you're logged in.

How is EduPod installed?
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All you need to access EduPod is a modern browser (e.g. Chrome). There is no need to install any software - it's all hosted on the Internet. This means you can use and access EduPod from any computer or tablet or smartphone from anywhere and at any time.

How many users do I need?
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We count a user, as someone with a log-in to your account. Typical users include Mental Health Lead, Safeguarding Governor, Head Teacher. Most schools have a 5 to 7 user license. Speak to your Customer Success Manager to ask for advice.

How long is the contract?
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All our contracts are 12 months and automatically renews every 12-months to give you continuity and ongoing access to your reports and data.