EduPod's Exclusive Accreditation

Edupod offers every participating school access to our exclusive accreditation process.  The award process supports and helps schools to excel in creating sustainable mentally healthy schools environments, and celebrates their achievements.

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The Award Criteria

The award process supports schools to excel in creating sustainable mentally healthy environments. The award criteria is based upon meeting the principles within self-assessment audit tool on EduPod.

This self-assessment audit tool brings together the recommendations from Public Health England, Department of Education and our clinical expertise therefore we are enabling schools to implement best practice.


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Accreditation Level: Committed

Acknowledges schools that have made a significant commitment to investing in mental health and wellbeing.

You must be able to demonstrate that the school has a vision and the key stakeholders are committed to creating a mentally healthy schools environment. You must have a score of 2 or more across the readiness and motivation principle and the vison sub-principle within the self-assessment audit on EduPod.


Accreditation Level: Achieving

Celebrates the achievement of implementing fundamental changes to create a mentally healthy environment.

You must be able to demonstrate that you have achieved an average score of 2 across the leadership and strategy principle (including all sub principles) and one additional principle (excluding the Readiness and Motivation principle) within the self-assessment tool on EduPod.


Accreditation Level: Excelling

Outstanding recognition for schools that have successfully implemented a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.

You must be able to demonstrate that you have achieved a score of 2 or more across all of the principles (in addition to all sub principles) within the self-assessment audit tool on EduPod


How do I start my accreditation application?
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In order to start your accreditation application, you must have purchased EduPod and be a user. EduPod can be purchased as a stand-alone platform or with additional coaching support. You can see our pricing structure here.

Within the EduPod platform, you make your application from the accreditation tab and follow the easy step by step instructions. Alternatively, you can book in some time with your coach who can support you through this.

How long does it take to complete?
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The time it takes to complete an accreditation application will vary between each school, your coach will work with you to outline a timeframe for completion.
We work with schools to support them so that they are able to apply and successfully achieve an accreditation status. We do not fail any school.

The accreditation is based upon a fully completed self-assessment audit (within EduPod). Many schools base their audit on 1 academic years performance and use this for the basis of their accreditation application.

Which level can I apply for?
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The level you apply for will depend on the criteria of each award and whether or not you have achieved this. You can find our award criteria above. 

You do not need to apply for the accreditation in order. You can apply for any level at any time providing you meet the criteria.

If you are unsure of which level to apply for you can email your coach to find out.


What do I receive when I am accredited?
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Upon approval of one of our accreditations, you can celebrate your success and your commitment to mental health in schools. You will receive exclusive access to our kitemark which can be used on your letterheads, school websites etc. You can also opt to purchase a personalised glass plaque with your school name and kitemark on (£35 +VAT).  You can also request a verification report to share with your wider school community. 

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