About Us

A multi-award-winning social enterprise that is breaking barriers to offer a world where people with emotional and mental health needs are supported to achieve their aspirations.

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Our Story

The community interest company Innovating Minds was founded on leap year day in 2016 while Dr Asha Patel (CEO & Clinical Psychologist) was working in forensic mental health services. Her frustrations led her to create a model that lets children and adults access early help. 

Since 2016, Innovating Minds has supported schools nationally to implement a whole school approach to mental health. The team have presented at national conferences and contributed to the research field. 

The community interest company has grown rapidly, and the team are working nationally and with international partners. As a social enterprise, the team also supports children impacted by domestic abuse via the Healing Together Facilitators programme.  

Vision, Mission, Values

We offer a world where people with emotional and mental health needs are supported to achieve their aspirations


To create mentally healthy environments


To provide accessible psychological support

To support access to education, training or employment


We encourage autonomy and we will promote the development of ‘Innovating Minds’ by listening to the voices of our community members


We will work with the people and systems influencing young people’s lives


We are flexible, responsive and creative


We will provide a first class, transparent & innovative service, deliver evidence-based interventions & continue to evaluate our programmes

Our Senior Leadership Team

Dr Asha Patel

Director CEO & Clinical Psychologist

Cara Haffey

Non-Executive Director, Finance

Chris Bayliss

Non-Executive Director, Marketing

Dr Leanne Griffiths


Dr Joanna Mohite

Director, paediatric registrar

Caroline Bristow

Non-Executive Director, Education

Our Partners