Mental Health Leads training FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our training


Is the training accredited by Department for Education?
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Yes, all of the Mental Health Leads training we offer is accreted by DfE. 

Why do you offer to train 2 people?
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As a social enterprise we are keen to ensure training is implemented, and the whole school approach strategy is implemented. It can be a long and hard journey, therefore we want to make sure you are supported. This also helps with creating a sustainable long-term strategy. 

How many users do I need?
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We count a user, as someone with a log-in to your account. Typical users include Mental Health Lead, Safeguarding Governor, Head Teacher. Most schools have a 5 to 7 user license. Speak to your Customer Success Manager to ask for advice.

How long is the training?
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Each training session will run from 9am to 3pm via zoom.