Senior Mental Health Leads Training FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our senior mental health leads training


Is the training accredited by Department for Education?
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Yes, all of the Senior Mental Health Leads training we provide is assured by DfE.

Which course should I choose?
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The senior mental health leads training covers the 8 principles recommended by Public Health England and offers practical resources and the space to network. 

The beginners course helps leads to gain an overview of the whole school approach and gives you information to get started to implement a strategy. This course will be attended by people that are new to the role and/or are at the early stages of their strategy. 

 The intermediate course helps you to build on your existing strategy so the conversations and content is based on how can you consistently integrate the strategy into the school system and what can you do so the strategy isn’t reliant on you as the lead.

The advanced course will consolidate the vast amount of experience and knowledge you have as a mental health lead and support you to develop long-term sustaining strategy that does not solely rely on the mental health lead. The intense mentoring and peer support will enable you to devise an action plan that is relevant to creating a future proof strategy.

How long is the training?
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The length of training changes depending on which course you take -
Beginners & Intermediate is a 2-day training course whilst Advanced is one day. Each training course will run from 9am to 3pm via zoom. 

We also provide online self-paced training which is more flexible in time as the training content/material is available online, on demand 24/7.

After training days are complete, you also require time to audit your provision, create  your action plan and attend your coaching sessions. 

Overall, we envisage it will take two school terms to complete your training course.

I am not eligible/do not have the Government grant, can I still train with Innovating Minds?
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Yes, of course you can! If you are not eligible for the Government grant/do not have it, then you can still train with Innovating Minds and pay independently. 

Can we train more than one person from the same school?
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The senior mental health lead training grant is intended to develop a single person (a strategic lead) in each setting; to learn everything they need to lead the implementation of an effective and sustainable whole school or college approach. 

In the most recent update from DfE (October 2023), second grants can be claimed by eligible schools and colleges if the senior mental health lead they previously trained left their setting before embedding a whole school or college approach to mental health and wellbeing. In this instance, a second person could complete the training.