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Edupod offers every participating school an exclusive award and accreditation scheme. The award process supports and helps schools to excel in creating sustainable mentally healthy environments, and celebrates the achievements.

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The Award Criteria

The award criteria is based upon implementing the principles within self-assessment audit tool on EduPod. The self-assessment audit tool brings together the recommendations from Public Health England, Department of Education and our own clinical expertise to enable schools to implement best practice.

The award process includes a self-assessment followed by a review and ratification from Innovating Minds. In addition, we will randomly select schools to visit as part of the assessment process.


Stage 1:

Getting Started

Stage 2:

Well Underway

Stage 3:


Accreditation Level: Committed

Acknowledges schools that have made a significant commitment to investing in mental health.

Welcome on board. We're really looking forward to watching you grow and hearing the stories you have to tell about your experience. Thanks for showing everyone you're committed.


Accreditation Level: Achieving

Celebrates the achievement of implementing fundamental changes to create a mentally healthy environment.

Now you're on the journey and you've publicly committed to delivering a whole-school mental health support system. Make sure everyone knows you're starting to achieve excellence and performance.


Accreditation Level: Excelling

Outstanding recognition for schools that have successfully implemented a whole school approach to mental health.

This is our top recognition award. Reaching this level is part of your biggest journey yet in achieving mental health excellence at your school. Celebrate and tell the world. Be proud.


The Accreditation Process

We take the accreditation of schools very seriously and therefore we have created an award application process that enables schools to demonstrate how they have met the award criteria successfully.

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