16 October 2023

Using EduPod; An Academy Trust Review

Have you got multiple trained senior mental health leads (SMHL) within your academy?

Are you looking to pull together a trust wide strategy to support your SMHL’s to embed strategic and sustainable change?

We work with Academy Trusts nationwide who are dedicated to ensuring their trust wide strategy is consistent and impactful, whilst still meeting the needs of each individual school. This is achieved by using EduPod.

EduPod is our all-in-one online digital platform for Senior Mental Health Leads, created with a combination of clinical expertise and government guidelines. It provides the tools for your SMHL’s to manage and evaluate their journey to creating a Whole School Approach to mental health and wellbeing.

EduPod Features
At the heart of EduPod is the self-assessment audit, the basis of your whole school audit and setting the foundations for your initial audit. Auditing is broken down into subsections that fall in line with the 8 principles outlined by PHE and endorsed by the DfE. This makes the auditing process much more manageable and less time consuming. The audit captures school’s statistics to inform impact data, as well as providing pre-developed ready-to-send surveys to capture whole school voice. There is no need to spend hours analysing the data from these surveys as EduPod does all of this for you and will present the findings and data in easy-to-read tables and reports. EduPod provides a means for developing your action plan, monitoring each action task, and updating your outcomes and impact as you go.

 Additionally, EduPod hosts a wealth of quality assured learning resources which are made accessible to every senior mental health lead and their wider team. The learning resources hosts policy templates, webinars, intervention tools and more.

Finally, you can celebrate your success together through our exclusive accreditation process. Work through the award process made up of 3 levels; committed, achieving, and excelling. The ‘excelling’ award is the top recognition for schools that have successfully implemented a whole school approach to mental health.

 Feedback on our EduPod service is credit to its value and impact:

 “The Structure of EduPod is clearly logical and effective. Dr Asha Patel has obviously put a huge amount of thought and expertise into designing it”

 “EduPod is the perfect means to measure impact, collate data on where schools are on their whole school approach to mental health journey. I will be encouraging all schools and colleges in the academy to include this in their core safeguarding offer”

EduPod can be purchased as a stand-alone platform, or, like many of our current Academy Trusts, you can also purchase our coaching support packages to provide tailored and individualised support for your senior mental health leads.


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