4 July 2022

Case Study - Healing Together

By: Jade Lake

Case Study – Healing Together
Please note: Personal details have been changed to retain anonymity.

 Background Information
Jessica and her sister (Rebecca) were referred to the Independent Domestic Abuse Team due to being exposed to domestic abuse. Jessica was also displaying abusive behaviours towards her siblings and non-abusive parents. The mother reported that Jessica struggles to express her emotions and this results in anger, aggression and physical behaviours towards her and her new partner. Jessica is home schooled and child contact and family court proceedings are in progress.

Jessica engaged particularly well with session 4 ‘finding your feelings’. She enjoyed creating drawings, colouring, and thinking of shapes that described her feelings. The sisters enjoyed seeing their feelings on the Blank Person. They particularly enjoyed the closing activity of each session, being more physically active and drumming while saying what they would hold in their heart after session.

Feedback from their mother:
Hello Leanne [practitioner],

Just a quick message to say that we are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow to drop off the girls’ files.

I wanted to say thank you for the work you've done with the girls, I am so, so happy with how it has gone and what a positive impact you have had on them both. When it was first suggested, I was unsure how they would respond or if they would engage, but to see how you have supported them, how much they have enjoyed the sessions and how things have improved for them in a relatively short period of time is a testament to the work you've all done together. I am really proud of them and very grateful to you and the Independent Domestic Abuse Team. I am seeing Rebecca sharing what she has learnt with her peers, and Jessica’s behaviour is markedly improved, in both her willingness to share her feelings with me more readily, and her behaviour towards me. 

If there are any opportunities for further work that you feel is appropriate, I am happy to keep all lines of communication open with you for that but please know that I am so glad and grateful for all the work you've done with the girls. 

I am also very happy to complete any feedback you have set up, please just send over via email/post if that's something I can do that will be helpful.

Thank you again, and all my good wishes to you.


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