4 September 2023

Back to School Time!

September is here! The summer holidays have come to an end! Children, young people, staff and parents are all preparing for the new academic year, which can bring many different emotions.  

Some children will be starting new schools as they transition from primary to secondary school, some will be moving into new year groups and some into their final years of school. Teachers will be faced with a fresh start to the curriculum which may feel daunting, and others may be overjoyed and excited to be back in the classroom and learning and teaching.

What can I do to prepare and allow myself to feel calm and connected?  

  • Write down any questions you have and be sure to take these on your first day back.  
  • Organise what you need the evening before, so you have more time first thing in the morning to really focus on yourself and your needs. 
  • Try to ensure your allowing yourself to get plenty of rest in the lead up to your first day back. This will allow you to feel rested and ready.  
  • Pre-build your routine into your days at least one week before to prepare your body and mind for getting up earlier, setting alarms etc. This will avoid the shock to your body when your suddenly getting up early for school runs again after all those long snoozes during the holidays.  
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and really helps to prepare your mind and body for the day ahead as well as provide you with energy. 
  • Take each day as it comes and remember to prioritise yourself as well as your workload. 
  • Remember, you matter. Engage in self-care and put yourself as your highest priority. 
  • Connect with others around you in your school community.  

Whatever the feeling and whoever you are, within the school community it’s so important you take the time to acknowledge how you’re feeling and what emotions are present. Take the time to sit with these feelings and emotions and really note their impact on your mind and body and work with them to explore how you can process them to allow you to enjoy all the new chapters coming your way.  

The following toolkits have multiple resources to aid primary, secondary schools and further education during this September transition period:  


For further support or advice, check out our free webinars and resources: https://www.myedupod.com/






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