10 November 2020

Eddie Wilkes 'A particular feature I was impressed with..'

Eddie Wilkes (Former Headteacher and Executive Headteacher) shares his views about EduPod. 

Edupod’ offers school leaders a valuable resource in the development of effective strategies to support staff and pupils’ positive mental health and wellbeing.

A particular feature I was impressed with is the survey function. It enables school leaders to involve pupils, staff, parents and governors in creating a whole school wellbeing culture. It also provides leaders with a picture of what is going well and areas for improvement. As a result, planning can be targeted at areas that will best support pupils’ and mental health and wellbeing. The regular reviews built into the EduPod allows leaders to track and monitor the impact they are having whilst also giving governors useful information to hold senior leaders to account. As a former headteacher and executive headteacher I can see how this will help schools to demonstrate how they are supporting the school community’s wellbeing.

For teachers and mental health leads there are a range of easily accessible resources that support the integration of mental health related topics into the curriculum. The resources also allow schools to learn from each other and access support from the clinical team. The wide range of support from clinical consultations to targeted CPD enables teachers to ‘read around’ aspects of mental health and up-skill themselves to be able to support staff and pupil’s wellbeing.

Most importantly, for pupils ‘EduPod’ helps the school create a whole school approach to mental health therefore everyone’s mental health is always supported. Children are able to access early help by people they trust in the school, and in a space, they are familiar in. This is not a target reactive approach. This is an approach that is based on staff and pupils accessing early interventions and building a culture that will help future generations.


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