24 July 2023

Summer Holidays; finding time to pause and reconnect

As we come to the end of another academic year, it's important that as a whole school community, you find the time to pause. There will be a mix of emotions felt amongst everybody.

Some will be excited to move onto their next venture, whilst others may feel anxious for what next. Some children will be happy to break up from school for 6 weeks, while others will become distressed over the lack of routine and support. Staff can be ready to break up but are anxious about their work life balance now their own children are at home for the summer period. And parents too will be juggling their working lives while having their children home.

There are so many different factors to think about when schools break up for the summer holidays that it is often difficult to know where to start or how to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

First and foremost, finding the time to pause and connect as a community can be an effective way to address and acknowledge some of these big feelings. Doing this as a whole school will aid and strengthen the relationships within school as well as build upon a culture of empathy and understanding. Find the time to notice how our bodies feel, what we’re thinking and how were feeling.

Secondly, it’s important to remember talking is not always best for everyone! Utilising these body-based approaches allows the body to reconnect with the mind and allows for a sense of safety. The brain hand model is a very useful tool in exploring the concept of how our mind and body work together.

Below are some activities which are focused around connecting with the body.

For Children & Young People:

For Adults:

Remember, there is no such thing as good and bad emotions. Avoid labelling emotions and spend more time exploring them; How do they make me feel? How do they make my body feel?

Finding the time to reconnect with our bodies can be the most impactful and empowering way to process big feelings.

Everyone here at innovating minds wishes you all a well and restful summer break.

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